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それでも、この抗議運動のウェブサイトは、WE WON'T BE SILENCED(「私たちは、黙るものか」)と名付けられている。彼ら彼女たちの、断固とした、芸術的でもある沈黙の抗議は、意図した逆説を通して、形あり命ある「声」を世界中から呼び起こしている。





Dear friend,

Did you know that lawmakers in Russia's cultural capital of Saint Petersburg just passed a law that would make it a "crime" to write a book, publish an article or speak in public about being gay, lesbian, bi or transgender - labeling it "homosexual propaganda"?

I just watched a powerful video illustrating this attack on fundamental rights, and joined thousands in signing a powerful message to the Governor, who has the power to veto the bill, letting him know that if this law advances - I won't be spending a single cent as a tourist in his city. And I'm telling my friends and family to do the same.

Major governments have condemned the bill, and a grassroots surge of calls and petitions hasn't been able to stop it's advance. But with Russia spending $11 billion in the next five years to attract international tourists, and Saint Petersburg's reputation as the cosmopolitan "window to the west," together we will make sure that the powers that be in Russia will hear our people power - and pocketbook power - loud and clear.

Sign this letter to the governor, and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. We only have a short window of time to pressure the Governor and demand that he VETO this backwards law. Every voice counts.

For more information on how to join the campaign, visit: http://:title=www.allout.org/stpetersburg-dont-go