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2008年 一橋大学 自由英作文模範解答

★ 2008 一橋大学 前期
Write 120 to 150 words of English about one of the topics below. Indicate the number of the topic you have chosen. Also, indicate the number of words you have written at the end of the composition.
1. Japanese people need longer vacations.
2. The low birth rate is not really a problem for Japan.
3. The power of words.

3. The Power of Words
 Words are not just a series of sounds or symbols that are attached to objects in the world. A more important aspect of words is the power they have on us.

Suppose you are stressed out or depressed and feel alone. What you really want may be some heart-warming words that will help you to cheer up. Few people are so strong that they do not need any words from others in such a difficult situation.

Conversely, you can say comforting words to people in need. Your words may mean much more to them than you expect.

Of course, words can hurt people. You have to know that words can make people happy or sad, depending on how they are used.

Carefully used, words can help people feel better, happier, more energetic or relieved. (134 words)