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TOEFL エッセイ 練習1


 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

 "Art and music have a greater contribution to society than science and math."

Probably art and music have existed since the advent of humanity. This is because they help us to express our innermost parts of our mind and the essence of our existence. On the other hand, science and math, which are comparatively new, have generated technology that we enjoy today, and have made our lives much easier. Art and music are indispensable for human beings; yet they have not contributed to society as greatly as science and math have, because technology has also enriched the world of music and art.

We can now enjoy art and music from all over the world. There are a great number of art museums and galleries all over the world and we have usually have access to them. It is easily assumed that, say, cars and airplanes played an important part in carrying numerous works from around the globe to the institutions. Or we may need such transportation to get there. As far as music is concerned, we can listen to our favorite music on CD players or iPhones. Without technology, we couldn't have a chance to listen to and appreciate such a great number of beautiful songs.

Technology created new forms of art and music. The movie, which is now regarded as one of the most important forms of art, is one example. After the movie, television appeared, followed by the Internet. As you can tell, these new media have made a great contribution to art and music, creating new genres. Moreover they have enabled us to enjoy art and music without going all the way to see the real works. In the past, art and music might have been only for wealthy people, but today, they are for everybody!

I myself love art and music. However, considering the fact that technology, which is a product of math and science, helps us to enjoy art and music, I have to disagree with the statement given.